The SWFC Reel Club has many fun events planned for this semester! Check back to this page and the Reel Club instagram for updates on events and meetings!

Meeting Dates: 

  • Welcome Back Night with Vision Boards
    • January 20th 4-6pm in the SUB Theatre
  • Board Game Night!
    • January 27th 4-6pm in the SUB third floor.
  • Basement Films 16mm Film Fieldtrip/Workshop
    • February 10th 4-6pm at the Basement Films office.
  • Valentines Cookie Decorating and Pride Night!
    • February 14th 4-6pm in the SUB Theatre
  • Costuming Workshop with Southwest Costume Rentals
    • February 17th 4-6pm in the SUB Theatre
  • No Name Cinema 16mm Film Workshop
    • March 3rd 4-6pm in the SUB Theatre
  • Oscar Party + Bingo Night!
    • March 12th 4-6pm (Locotion TBD)
  • Animation Trivia Night
    • March 24th 4-6pm in the SUB Theatre
  • Mystery Film Night
    • March 31st 4-6pm in the SUB Theatre
  • Escape Room Night
    • April 14th 4-6pm in the Sub Theatre
  • Showcase Your Work Night
    • April 28th 4-6pm in the Sub Theatre


Reel Club Film Challenges:

  • To be Updated Soon!

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